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Not-for-profit organizations face distinct financial and compliance challenges. After all, every penny truly counts when it’s meant to help. Yet ensuring your not-for-profit organization’s financial affairs are in order can be a challenge, particularly if you receive government funding.

To ease these burdens, Bobbitt, Pittenger provides specific expertise in year-round accounting, tax, auditing and consulting for not-for-profit organizations. Our specialists offer both a keen understanding of your organization’s mission, as well as a tried-and-true knowledge of compliance, reporting requirements and best practices. With our focus on continued education, you can rest assured the most up-to-date tax, accounting and auditing knowledge is available to your organization, allowing you to focus on those you are dedicated to serving.

Bobbitt, Pittenger specializes in Not-for-Profit
Organization’s Tax & Auditing Services for:

  • Religious and other faith-based entities
  • Facilities with HUD financing or tenant assistance payments
  • Foundations
  • Charitable organizations and agencies supporing education, social services, commerce and the arts. (i.e. Shriners)
  • Civic and social organizations
  • Agencies relying on grants and other donor support.
  • Group purchasing organizations
  • Organizations with unique funding sources

Our Tax & Auditing Services & Expertise

  • Unrelated business activities
  • Debt-financed income
  • Allocation of functional expenses for tax purposes we could provide the service or audits and reviews we can’t
  • Disclosures related to program service accomplishments
  • Private inurement
  • Excess benefit transactions
  • Proper reporting of special events and fund raisers
  • Appropriate compensation disclosures