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Just as the patients in your healthcare facility require specialized care, so too do your facility’s finances. Bobbitt, Pittenger offers high-level, comprehensive healthcare auditing and other assurance services and tax preparation/consulting services that specifically meet your needs.

With years of prior experience, a vigilant eye, and a keen understanding of how the systems work,Bobbitt, Pittenger’shealthcare auditing and tax professionals can navigate the highly complex nature of the industry with ease. And knowing healthcare laws and regulations can change in an instant – even in the midst of work in progress – we’re prepared to change course seamlessly.

Bobbitt, Pittenger specializes in Healthcare Tax Auditing
and other assurance Services for:

  • Nursing Homes
  • Home Health Agencies
  • Continuing Care & Retirement Facilities
  • Facilities for the Aged & Elderly
  • Facilities for Specialized Health Needs
  • Providers of Long-term Managed Care
  • Facilities offering Long-term Care through Florida Medicaid
  • Healthcare Facility Subsidiaries

Our Healthcare Tax & Auditing Services & Expertise

  • Knowledge of healthcare accounting
  • Statutory and regulatory changes
  • Administrative rulings
  • Market driven changes
  • Interpretations of policy, intermediary determinations, and governmental funding restrictions
  • Medicaid and Medicare Reimbursement Policies
  • Federal and State legislative and regulatory actions